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This License Agreement is governed by the laws of Ontario, CANADA. All Graphics, Clip Art, Photographs, Photo Objects, Animation and Sound files (the "image files") are the property of Artzooks Multimedia Inc. and/or its licensing partners, and are protected by international treaty and copyright law. Artzooks Multimedia Inc. and its licensing partners grant you a single-user, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the image files under the following terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions

  • Image files may be stored on one computer workstation only.
  • You may not share, rent, lease, license, loan, transfer, resell, redistribute or grant any right to use the image files.
  • You may not claim copyright on any works derived from, or incorporating elements from the original image files.
  • You may not distribute the image files, or derivative works based on the image files, within, or as part of another product or software application, without first obtaining written permission from Artzooks Multimedia Inc. and/or its licensing partners (where necessary).
  • You may not reproduce the image files on or as part of a product (intended for resale) where the focus or main selling feature are the image files themselves (Ex. Coloring Book).
  • Acknowledgement of Artzooks Multimedia Inc. (or "Artzooks" or "") as the source for the image files is strongly encouraged, and can be done so conveniently with a link back to our website.
  • Image files should wherever and whenever it is convenient to do so, include markings that indicate that they are appearing under license (Ex. © Image Copyright, © Image Copyright - Do Not Copy)
  • Images taken from this website may not have any of their watermarking or copyright markings removed.
  • Images taken from this website may not be used for, or in conjunction with, projects that could be seen to be of a libelous, defamatory, pornographic or harmful nature.

Limited Warranty

  • Artzooks Multimedia warrants the image files to be free from defect. Defective files will be replaced free of charge, providing the defective files are returned to us, with a copy of the original receipt of sale, within thirty days of purchase.
  • In no event will Artzooks Multimedia, or any of its licensing partners, assigns and subsidiaries, be held liable for any damages including loss of data, lost profits, cost of cover, or any other incidental, consequential or indirect damages arising from the use of, or failure or inability to use the image files, however caused, and on any theory of liability.
  • This limitation applies even if Artzooks Multimedia, or any authorized representative or reseller has been advised of the possibility of such damage. You acknowledge that the license fee (payment) reflects this allocation of risk.