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Artzooks Associate Program


Do you know of a colleague or associate who uses stock photography? Tell them about Artzooks and start earning a percentage of every sale they make for a FULL YEAR!

By becoming an Artzooks Associate you can create supplemental revenue streams that can quickly add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year!

It's fun, free and easy to join! Simply click the "Apply Now" button located at the bottom of this page, and you're on your way.

Once you become an "Artzooks Associate", we'll furnish you with everything you need:

  • A unique track-back link for you to distribute to prospective customers.
  • Email tools for you to promote your link.
  • Buttons, banners and code-fragments for you to place on your web page.
  • Account tools that allow you to track your balance, payouts and monitor your referral's purchase patterns.
When you refer a customer back to Artzooks, you will earn 10% of the qualifying revenues on their first transaction, and 5% on every subsequent transaction after that - for up to twelve months!

Since many buyers of stock images often purchase thousands of dollars a year (in discs and single-images), this can quickly add up, especially if you are successful in recruiting more than one customer. No obligation is created on your behalf. You are free to recruit as many or as few referrals as your schedule allows. What could be easier?

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