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License Agreements
Artzooks is proud to offer you royalty free images, photos, illustrations, motion and sounds from a wide variety of world-class vendors. It's important however to acknowledge that each company has its own set of licensing conditions that you are obliged to accept and be familiar with prior to purchasing any image product. For your convenience, links to each vendor’s End User License Agreements are provided below. For companies whose links do not appear, you can use the limited Artzooks End User License as a general guideline for what can and cannot be done with digital images, but should rely ultimately on the word of the company-in-question.

In General
  • Royalty Free images can be used as often as you like for a one time fee.
  • You can use the images in your documents, product and package designs, but cannot resell them “as-is”, or in any configuration where the images become the main selling point. Examples of unacceptable usage would be: T-Shirts, Mugs, Coloring Books, etc. - where the intention is to sell such products.

Vendor Licenses:

AbleStock | || ArtBitz | BananaStock | Big Cheese Photo | BlueMoon Stock | Birch Studios BrandX Pictures | Classic PIO Partners | Creatas | Comstock Images | Digital Vision | Dynamic Graphics | Goodshoot Havana Street | Iconotec | Image Club | Image Source | It Stock Free | ItaliaStock | Food Collection | Rubberball Photodisc | Thinkstock

If you have specific questions about licensing and the legal use of digital media on our site, please refer to the original vendor, or contact us at

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